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         Our Story

Founder Allen Thompson has one simple goal in mind: Make lasting healthy beards.

Boma Beards is rooted in the initial stages of my beard journey since I was struggling from beard itch, dryness, and nothing I tried worked for my beard issues. Began creating natural ingredient beard tools right on the kitchen stove that solve these issues that other bearded men had been struggling with as well.

The need for real ingredient beard tools that provide real long lasting results shaped Boma Beards in 2017. Our focus is ridding dry skin, beard itch, and a dull looking beard while having you covered no matter what your beard journey may look like. We do this through a restoring, rejuvenating, and nurturing process. Boma Beards is made for all beards and can specifically handle the extra needs of coily, kinky, and curly beard hair. We target these beards because they tend to fight the common beard issues of dryness, irritation, and patchiness.

As I travelled to numerous countries I would visit the local markets and realize the significance real ingredients have in the communities. The need for products with only real ingredients is what I desire Boma Beards to fulfill.

When I booked the next trip to Beijing, China I wore my usual khaki joggers, plain white t-shirt, and outdoor backpack. In the back pocket was the first sample beard balm that held simple natural and organic ingredients. While I enjoyed this simple travel for a few days, the sample gave my simple beard a soft, moist, glistening shine in the sunlight. This was the moment it was evident this simple approach will always be what Boma Beards stands behind.

Having your back while impacting changing lives is what we do!

Here's how the Journey unfolded:

Historical Representation

Here I am in Beijing, China in front of the Jade Garden Hotel which is .05 km from the Forbidden City. The statutes are a few of the many figures that represent the historical past of this beautiful city.

The Great Wall

One of the new seven wonders of the world is definitely a highlight in my travels. The view from this amazing site is something to see. It appears to be never ending but again it is a historical border of China that archaeologist measure out to be over 13,000 miles long. 

City Center

The city of Beijing has its vast collection of cultural relics but it also has quite a few street markets that are filled with real ingredients that the local community thrives from. The significance of these simple markets is what stimulated Boma Beards approach to our products.

Local Market

This was at one of the local markets in town that offered the locals real natural and organic ingredients to its community. 

Comfy Living

Here was the first sample I brought during this trip. Simple ingredients and an amazing place to stay. This experience was one for the books and the beginning of our beard journey.

Special Appearance

I had a surprise guest join the trip. If you follow us on IG you might be able to find out who this mystery guest is.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Packaging!

We provide great natural products in reusable and eco-friendly packaging because we are environmentally conscience. Our main objective is making your beard healthier and our Earth a little greener along the way! We are committed to healthy beards and a healthy planet. We will always desire to be as green as possible as we grow and we are continually trying to develop revolutionary, sustainable packaging using biodegradable and recyclable papers and glasses, with product life cycle in mind.