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Critical Winter Routine To Keep Your Beard Tight!

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We know it's that dreaded time of the year called Winter and beards don't tend to do well in this season. Although they do make great Instagram photos! Lets face it the routine that you have been doing all year long is not the same routine you can pull off in the winter time. The air is drier and humidity is lower so now your, once moist and full of life, beard no longer exists. Do not worry because we have a great routine below that will help you stay on track and survive winter, i mean unless you're in Minnesota or Chicago. We suggest you just throw a scarf over your face because it's cold....burrr lol.

Winter Routine

1: During your warm shower, use beard soap/conditioner and not regular soap or shampoo on your beard. As the regular products will likely stripe out the essential minerals your beard needs.

2: Be sure to pat your beard dry using a soft cloth.

3: Apply small few drops of your favorite beard oil and rub into beard.

4: Grab a beard brush and begin to brush to help penetrate oil into the beard and skin. This will keep the moisture balanced within the beard. Cold air usually absorbs moisture quickly so it's best to apply the oil.

5: Find your favorite Beard balm (Boma Beards) and scoop out a pea size amount and rub into hands so that the balm melts into its oil form. Apply into beard (extra moisture/oil is what is needed during this season) as the beeswax will help create a sealant on the beard that will prevent weather from drying out quickly.

6: Comb your beard; be sure the comb has forks that are spaced wide enough to not cause harm to your beard. 

There you have it, this routine may be slightly different from what you may be use to doing but it is important to add that extra layer of moisture to your beard during the winter. The great news out of this is that winter is only a few months then bam, back to the sun, beach days, and glistening beards again.

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