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Beards & Brews: Is My Beard Growing Faster This Summer and Why?

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It's summer time and the heat is on 1000%. Parties are happening and summer vacation trips are in store minus the one or two thunderstorms that come up, but that doesn't matter because your beard is looking good! Now you may be wondering why your beard is looking glorious in this summer heat while you have sweat dripping down your face and neck, but did you know that this is the best time for your beard to look its best. Its true! Seeing growth in your beard is most optimal in the summer because the Androgens in males is its highest during this time. 

Fellas, make sure you have the right beard oils, balms, serums, and combs at your side because as long as your body is producing testosterone hormones this is the most pivotal time for growth to occur in your beard. A plus to growing your beard in the summer is that with a pair of shades and cool looking t-shirt the ladies will be turning their heads and looking your way.

In short, yes your beard grows faster in the summer so be sure that your beard is healthy, moisturized, and nourished daily to ensure maximum growth in this season. Grab a beer and enjoy the vibes.



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