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Beard And Scalp Growth Oil Works! + How It Keeps Your Beard From Sucking

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Yes, Boma Beards did create a beard + scalp growth oil and unlike any other out there this was specifically formulated to do one thing and that's to keep your beard from sucking. We used a combination of 9-oils to formulate this powerfully rich beard tool that quickly absorbs into the hair follicles and actually starts working instantly. Bonus it's infused with actual Rosemary leaves that promotes strong hair growth.

We put together precisely what our Beard tribe has been requesting, a tool that contains rich ingredients such as Moringa oil, Maracuja oil, Jojoba oil and much more to provide hydration, conditioning, and moisturizing elements to the underlying skin and beard hairs. Notice underlying skin comes before beard hairs in that previous statement. The reason why is without nourished skin you would have dry and brittle hair follicles along with an unwanted itch.

If you're looking to achieve moisture, prevent dry skin, rid damaging shedding hair, and grow your beard and hair while obtaining a strong appearance, and a great smell. 

👉Supports the skin underneath by soothing irritation, inflammation, eczema and provides lasting moistures.💪 


That's Different But How The Heck Do I Keep My Beard From Sucking

     You must include Tidal Beard + Scalp Growth Oil in your everyday routine in order to prevent your beard from sucking because it grows healthy hair, moisturizes, softens extremely well, diminishes dryness and rids shedding. Achieving a jaw dropping beard as a result of using this beard tool. One other really great benefit is that you can drop this oil on your scalp and watch how healthy the hair on top of your hair feels and grows. 

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Watch Real People Talk About Boma Beards

True to the test! 

"Got my kit a couple of weeks ago, I’ve never had an issue with growing a full thick beard, my issue was my face/skin underneath beard would always be dry/flaky. Boma Beards truly has relived that issue. Beard stays soft but more importantly my face/skin underneath stays hydrated. No dry, flaky, itchy skin under my beard. Products are amazing". - Kevyn M.

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