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These 3 Beard products are a must for growing a Bigger Beard

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We know how important it is to see growth in our beards as we endure this long beard journey. Well we wanted to help you understand some of the most important products that are basically required to see speedy beard growth in weeks. We promise not to leave out all the details and give you everything you need to know.

The 3 beard products that help make a difference in going from the beard you have to the beard you want:

Beard Balm

A beard balm built with high quality natural ingredients that moisturize the underlying skin is critical. Why this is key is because if the underlying skin is moist the hair follicles will begin to soften at the root causing the entire hair strand to be healthier and grow its maximum length. Ensure that the beard balm you use includes coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil as these three are proven to rid dry skin, produce soften hairs and all healthy hairs to grow. Another big tip is that beard balm allows you to shape your beard in the direction you want it to grow. Our Explosive beard balm is recommended to use right after you finish showering while your beard is damp and your skins pores are open. Not only will you moisturize your beard you will also smell an amazing citrus aroma while you apply to your beard.

Hydrating Beard & Refresher Spray

A refresher spray is the best for quick and on the go moisture for your beard. Do you work all day indoors or outdoors both cases have your beard in the elements that can cause damage and breakage. The amazing thing about a Beard refresher spray is that it is easy to use and with a few quick sprays a dry and unmanageable beard can go to soft and back to shape in seconds. It’s like walking around with beard magic in a bottle and it can handle every kind of beard. Use this at any time of the day and the high quality ingredients will make your beard fuller and healthier.

Beard Growth & Strengthening Serum

When growing a beard you need a product that is going to do as described and that’s why a beard serum is important to have in your beard journey. A good beard serum is formulated with all the right oils to nourish your beard for growth and length retention. Simply add a few drops of this serum during your day/night routine and those thinning areas you once had will be no more. The beard hairs will be stronger and grow longer in weeks with consistent usage.

The combination of using all three products in your beard routine will allow for your biggest and best beard to grow.

Here is where you can find these amazing 3 important beard products for growth in your beard: Shop Now


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