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How To Keep A Healthy Soft Beard!

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Its rugged. Its dam irresistible. Its gentlemen like...Well to you it is, but what if it’s a little bristly and a little rough? We got you!

The hardest thing about keeping your beard incredibly as good looking as it may be is keeping it incredibly soft so it doesn't become a turn off to the public eye.

Good news is we got your back about keeping a good soft beard. Bad news...well if your beard is soft, moist and looking better than ever then there is none. lol

To start with the fundamentals of why your beard may not be soft could be a couple of reasons.

  1. Split ends – Yes, your beard has them. When you trim your beard frequently, the cut ends are far more rough than other uncut hair.
  2. Too dry – Just like a nice head of hair needs to keep moist, your beard shouldn’t be all dried out. Here’s something to think about: if you’re not drinking enough liquids one way dehydration can manifest itself is in a brittle, dry beard. But there also all kinds of beard tools out there to help keep things moist and soft. We dropped a few below.
  3. Lack of attention – Your poor beard. It only gets attention when you trim it. Wash it, moisturize, oil it up. Apply the brush to it for a few minutes in the morning right out the shower. Its only right to show your beard some love! 

If you want to keep your beard soft all year round we suggest you check out our beard balm and beard spray tools we formulated specifically for this task. The keys to keeping a soft beard are making sure you don't fall into those three categories. 💪🏾


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