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5 Foods That Will Help Boost Your Beard Growth

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We all want that completed beard look on our faces. You know the Rick Ross, Freeway, James Harden look...well look no further we have a few insights on how you can help get to that level of beard. Full disclaimer the length or fullness of beard is totally determined by your genetic make up so if you cannot get a beard it is not all bad. Remember these five foods and use a good grooming product (i.e. our natural beard balm)

1. Brazilian Nuts: Each serving is filled with a good amount of selenium, which has the essential minerals needed for beard growth.

2. Fish: filled with proteins and B vitamins.

3.Eggs: excellent source of proteins and various micronutrients.

4. Orange Juice: filled with vitamin C essentials

5.Sorghum: increase the synthesis of 5-alpha reductase enzymes, which helps increase facial hair growth.

You heard it from your bro's so remember to get these in each week and beard on!


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