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The Secret To Beard Growth Overnight!

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We get asked daily about what products are going to make the beard grow from clean shaven to full grown lumberjack. Yeah, anyone can easily say 'here use my beard oil or balm' it will get your beard thick and full quick. The truth is that would be some bullshit lie just for a quick sale and that is not what we are about here. Listen up, using beard balm or beard oil will not grow your beard. What it will do is be an important tool that will allow your beard to receive the important real ingredients that will help hydrate, protect, and refresh your beard. Essentially allowing your beard to grow healthy, but on it own time. Each person is different and the time table to growth is as well since it is on the basis of our genetic make-up. Yes, I just dropped a gem for you #message 'Genetics' A full lumberjack beard might not be in the near foreseeable future, but a patch less and connected healthy looking beard can.

The real secret that no one discusses about beard growth is getting your body healthy by exercise, drinking more water, reducing alcohol intake, and eating better. In addition including supplements in the diet that supports hair growth. The better you feel on the inside the better the body will show on the outside and for this case the beard will show. 

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