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Beard Spray!? What's That? and Does It Really Work?

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You want to now what this simple bottle of goodness can do for your beard and does it work? Let's get straight to the point; it provides hydration and moisture, two key factors that the underlying skin of your beard needs to stay nourished. Boma Beard's beard spray is made up of natural ingredients formulated to make this bottle the go-to refresher beard tool your beard deserves.  Built from the ground up with aloe vera, argan oil, vitamin E and so much more makes this simple bottle the goodness you need to keep your beard looking fresh. This is idea for preventing the harsh weather elements that impact your beard throughout the day from making your beard look dull

🌊| Really helps retain moisture that may reduce throughout the day |

Does it work? Yes, this spray does away with all the heavy ingredients that are known to clog your skin or weigh the beard hairs down. The goal of this bottle is to act as a refresher for your beard at any time of the day instantly providing thickness and volume back to your beard. We made our beard spray super effective and easy to use that in a matter of seconds you can go from dry and dull to moist and hydrated. By the way it has lite citrus aroma 🍊🍈 that we think is perfect!

🙌🏼 Our Beard Spray was made with benefits built for your beard🙌🏼

  • Refreshes beard by delivering volume and thickness right away
  • Moisturizing oils hydrate the underlying skin preventing dry beard with just a few sprays
  • Nourishes beard with moisture to help it remain soft and reduces frizzy look
  • Formulated solution to prevent heaviness on skin so it doesn't clog pores
  • Natural citrus scent designed to leave your beard smelling good
  • Quick, easy to use, and perfect for the on-the go type
Give Our Beard Spray A Try Today!

👇See Video To See How Simple It Is To Use 👇



Easy To Use Directions:

  • Shake The Wave Beard Spray twice to activate ingredients in bottle
  • Spray to cover the beard
  • Rub in so it gets to the underlying skin
  • Comb beard 

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