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Say What...Shave Off Your Beard For Coronavirus?!?

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With all this chaos in the world today surrounding this novel COVID 19 aka CoronaVirus the last thing you want to hear is shave off your beard. You telling me to Shave off my pride and joy, my mane, and have me look like a baby!!!👶🏽 Well fellow bearded friends and our beard tribe here are the facts. The noise about removing all facial hair, the beard, was mentioned in response to wearing respirator masks, specifically N95 Respirators. It has been tested by the Center for Disease Control that to accurately benefit from the mask it has to be tight and properly fitted on the face to prevent large and small airborne particles from coming in contact with you.

I repeat beard tribe...don't let this COVID 19 have you out in the community looking like a grown baby 🤣😂🤣 In all seriousness to the matter we want you to be safe and aware that information, whether it be accurate or not will always surface during times like this. Just know that Boma Beards is here to let you know that the spawning claims that are telling folks to shave off your beards to avoid the virus are not true.💪🏽

Boma Beards Three quick tips you can follow during these times to ensure your beard hygiene is on point.

🔥 Clean Your Beard Weekly Is A Must 
🔥 Moisturize, Moisturize, and Dammit Moisturize
🔥 Brush or Comb The Beard To Stay Tangle-Free


The Wave Beard Spray is the perfect tool for now! Detangles, Reduces Frizz, and Moisturizes the underlying skin to maintain a 👇healthy soft beard👇



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