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Does Exercise and Beard Growth Go Hand In Hand?

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Did you get enough to eat this Christmas holiday, I know we did. Belly on swole!!!! This is the time where we begin to set out our goals for the 2019 New Year and the number one recurring goal seems to be exercise more. This is always the top 5 goal on everyone's new year goal list and we just wanted to inform you how crucial that goal is in maintaining a healthy beard. As a living organism our body puts out what is put in.  With that being said if you eat junk food and do not exercise you will have excess fat stored, a feeling of being sluggish, and just not a healthy version of yourself. Therefore, a lacking and nonrepresentational beard around your face.

Here are three key ways how exercise can go hand in hand with growing a healthy beard. First, the increase in testosterone that occurs when you begin slamming the weights around. As we know this boost in manliness will have your facial hair sprouting in no time. Second, improving your overall health will have you eating better food options and knocking off the sluggish feel. Last, it triggers recovery mechanisms that help provide back nutrients that your beard needs.

These are three keys to remember about the importance of exercise and growing a healthier beard as we approach 2019. So do yourself a favor and hit the gym or anything equivalent that will get you looking and feeling a better version of you.


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