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Is It Time To Trim Your Beard?

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The day comes when you wake up and look at your beard and say, holy Cow! It seems that even when you put on your beard oil and beard balm your hairs are still running wild. Every grooming technique you know just does not want to work out and now you are still looking like a wild man. It would be right for us to say that you should probably get your fine scissors and clip away at those split ends. Maybe we should suggest that you hit up your barber and tell them clean you up, but then who knows how your beards shape will turn out. Too low or two square or not enough.

Well we are here for you Beard bros and will tell you straight up. Let that Beard grow! Fuck those standards! When it gets to look rough don't grab the clippers, scissors or whatever you use. Let the beard loose and grow its natural shape. The more hair the better beard in our opinion.

Listen...that's all we got tonight Beard bros. So what ever you are doing at this very moment we hope you enjoy and we will catch you next post. 

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