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What's The Obsession With Your Beard!?

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The moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, you grab your beard products off the bathroom counter and stare at your face in the mirror. The mangle, the confusion and disorientation trying to decide if your not going to work or just let your bills stack up. Don't we all have this self talk! You wash your face and then grab your beard oil or beard balm whichever you prefer. Throw it in your beard, start massaging it in, instantly your senses heighten from the aroma. It is like you just had a fresh morning coffee and hot shower. Pull out your favorite comb and comb through your mane and watch it grow fuller than it was earlier. Finally, the proud moment when you look up and down in the mirror at your face and become obsessed over your beard again!

Lets face it, as long as there are baseball players, football players, hipsters, musicians and others alike with a common factor, the beard. The beard game is strong and so are the Pogonophile's. Oh and if you got to this point in life and don't know the definition, we gotcha! 


-an admirer of beards; a beard lover.
Moral of the story is rock with your beard, so someone else can be obsessed with it too. 
    -Beard Blessings

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