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The One Beard Process You've Been Doing All Wrong

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  Beardtribe we have been treating our beards poorly and here is why. How much product do you place in your beard over a course of a week, let alone a month? A lot right!? I can't believe this treatment is something that we have been missing in our beard process for so long and it is so critical. Our beard process would see significantly better results if we included the much needed apple cider vinegar treatment which is perfect for removing mineral build up in the beard as well as dandruff and itchy scalp.

Lets Review The Benefits🧐

  Apple cider vinegar has remarkable health benefits due to the type of acid in the vinegar and other compounds which promotes skin health by restoring the skin’s pH balance and protecting this outermost layer. The fact that this amazing treatment is so easy to use makes its perfect for everyone. Pull out your notepad all you need is a small bottle, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water; dilute the apple cider vinegar with the water at about a 4:1 ratio into your bottle and just shake it up. Boom! That's it...at night before you go to bed you will want to rinse your beard with this mixture at least once or twice a week. Not only will the conditions improve the health of your beard the benefits will change your beard game tremendously because all of the dirt and particles that were lingering under your beard hair will reduce each time you do this process to a point where it be non-existent. 

Now that you know this Beardtribe, your beard will be able to breathe and grow to its new levels without anything holding it back.

🚨 Remember Trust The Process 🚨

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