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Is The Cold Winter Brutal On Your Beard?

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Cold winter brings out some of the worst in your beard, from the harsh dry weather picking at your beard it is sure to cause extreme dryness. It is important that you adjust your beard routine to ensure that you do not lose your beard gains. During these times of cold it very important to keep your beard moisturized throughout the day; ideally a good beard balm or beard oil is highly critically during this season. The moisturizing oils that are within these beard care tools help keep the beard follicles lubricated and soft so that they do not stiff up and become brittle. Keeping a solid morning routine is highly important during these times and we have you covered with three steps.

Three important tips that your beard needs to get through the winter.

1. Moisturize- prevents irritation and dryness (grab our Beard balm and use once in the morning and once at night)
2. Clean regularly- prevents dead skin and dirt build up (use a beard wash and conditioner that will also help hold the moisture in your beard)
3. Comb daily- prevents a unruly and wild beard (this will have your beard hairs continue growing in the manner you want)

Yes, surviving the winter can be a challenging part of growing your beard during the journey but its definitely doable with the right brand in your corner. Boma Beards is trying to make sure your beard protrudes confidence through this season and long after. Don't make it hard for yourself, we got your beard!


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