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WTF?! is Beard Balm + What To Do With It?

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     So WTF is beard balm? Let's start with Beard balm is a combination of oils, shea butters, and bee's wax that when put together precisely provide hydration, conditioning, and moisturizing elements to the underlying skin and beard hairs. Notice underlying skin comes before beard hairs in that previous statement. The reason why is without nourished skin you would have dry and brittle hair follicles along with an unwanted itch. Now Boma Beards has formulated their beard balm to achieve maximum moisture and prevent this from occurring all while giving your beard an incredible shine, strong appearance, and a great smell. 

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Now That's Cool and All, But WTF?! Do I Do With It

     To use beard balm, you will put a pea size in your hand, not too much so the beard balm does not drench your face once it melts. Give your hands a good rub together to warm the balm, then apply into your beard so that it gets to the underlying skin and all over the beard hairs. Grab your brush or comb and begin grooming the beard in desired direction. This routine is vital because beard balm is for conditioning, moisturizing, and hydrating the beard so it can grow healthy, shine, and stay soft all day long. Always apply beard balm to a clean beard for best results. 

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Quick Steps:

  1. Open Boma Beards beard balm container.
  2. Insert finger tip and scoop pea size amount with nail.
  3. Place scooped balm in hand.
  4. Rub hands together for 3secs to warm and melt balm.
  5. Run hands through beard, spreading balm on all hair strands
  6. Enjoy smell of scent for 2secs
  7. Comb beard

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